There are many varieties of paving types to choose from. It is no wonder why it is then so hard to find the right paving slab material that is right for you.

Paving is a brilliant addition to your garden. It not only adds much needed recreational space but, it also adds a stylish flair. Paving driveways and pathways also have great practical benefits such as accessibility and off-road parking.

We have put together a helpful guide to help you find the perfect paving material to suit you and your needs.

Types of Paving Slab


Sandstone is perfect if you are looking to add texture to your style. It has a unique grainy texture that looks wonderful in any setting. There are a variety of ways in which Sandstone can be treated such as Riven, Sawn & Honed, Sawn & Shot Blasted and Tumbled. Sandstone also comes in a wide range of colours to suit whatever colour scheme you may have.

The Benefits – Perfect paving slab for around wet areas such as a pool or hot tub. Also slip-resistant, affordable, hardwearing and naturally beautiful.

The Problems – Vulnerable to damage if left uncared for. Liquids, moulds and bacteria can also cause staining over time.



Granite is a lovely addition to any space. Its contemporary style makes it ideal for those who want a modern twist to their space. It is a very versatile paving slab, meaning it can be used for patios, steps and even your driveway. It comes in a variety of colours, all of which make it a good candidate for those looking for more specific colours to match their theme.

The Benefits – Luxurious looking, easy to maintain and is hardwearing, scratch-resistant and a wonderful natural stone.

The Problems – It comes at a higher cost than other paving slab alternatives and can stain if coloured liquid seeps into any potential microscopic holes it may have.



Limestone is a very low maintenance paving slab option. It has a desirable weathered antique appearance and can look lovely in any setting. It can also be honed or brushed. It makes a great natural choice for those looking for something more natural-looking.

The Benefits – It has an appealing textural style, is incredibly durable and is cheaper compared to other paving slab options.

The Problems – It does fade more than perhaps a limestone paving slab and is susceptible to staining.



Concrete is a common solution for most driveways and commercial social space. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. They are suitable for driveways as they have great traction when wet.

The Benefits – It is very durable, comes in a variety of styles to suit you and can be stronger than poured concrete.

The Problems – If left unmaintained, weeds and plants can grow through the cracks which can cause the paving slabs to move.


There are lots of paving slabs to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a material that suits both your wants and your needs.

If you have any queries about getting your garden, driveway or pathways paved, we are more than happy to help. At MP Building & Groundworks we have many years of experience in the industry and are confident that we can answer any questions you may have. Simply get in touch!