Driveway maintenance saves you money long term

I know that many people think that caring for a driveway is a chore but you should remember that it is one of the first things people see when approaching your home so keeping it looking fresh will guarantee a good first impression.

Here are some easy tips to keep your driveway looking like new:

• Cleaning and washing. The very first step, before considering painting or sealing, is to give your driveway a good clean. For the best results I would recommend using a fungicidal wash to ensure any mould, lichen, algae or moss is effectively destroyed. You can apply the wash with a brush or soft cloth or you may want to consider a backpack sprayer which is faster and provides even distribution. Your driveway can then be left as is or you may want to proceed with a treatment of some kind.
• Block paving. Once you have applied the fungicidal wash I would suggest using a sealant to protect the surface. It will stop weeds and fungal growth and give your driveway a rejuvenated appearance. A good quality sealant helps with future maintenance easier as the smoother surface makes clearing leaves and dirt a lot easier. It will also provide protection against UV rays which can cause block paving to fade.
• Tarmac. You will need a different type of sealant for a tarmac driveway or you might want to consider paint. One coat is usually sufficient but you may need to consider a second, depending on the condition of the tarmac. Once sealed it will be easier to clean and offers protection against weed and fungal growth.

Keeping your driveway clean and in good condition increases its lifespan so saves you money in the long run.

In the meantime, if you are in Gloucestershire and are thinking of having a new driveway laid, give us a call on 01452 380887 to find out how we can help.