Winter is pretty much here and with that comes extreme drops in temperature, ice and potentially snow. Although we can spend this time snuggled up inside protected from these conditions, our driveways are left exposed to the elements throughout the season. This extreme weather can affect your driveway in many negative ways but there are things you can do to help protect it and limit any damage.

Addressing Any Cracks

It’s very important to keep an eye out for any cracks in your driveway. This is because water will be able to seep through and when the temperature drops, the water freezes and expands. This can make cracks worse and even cause materials to move out of place which can cause more damage in the long run.

Keep it Clean

Before the weather gets too cold you should give your driveway a good clean. Simply remove any debris, branches or leaves using a broom. If you can, also use a pressure washer to remove any dirt and grime. This will make it easier to see any cracks that could cause problems as mentioned above.

To avoid these issues, you should address any cracks that are currently present. This can be done by filling them in or if you have a block paving driveway individual bricks can be replaced if damaged.

Check Your Tools

Looking after your driveway isn’t only about keeping it clean, it’s also about what you use to keep it clean. Shovels and other tools can get blunt and chipped over time. This can cause further damage to your driveway creating more chips and cracks for water to seep through and collect in.

If your tools are damaged buy some new ones but bear in mind the material of the one you are buying. Metal ones are stronger but may cause more damage to the surface, whereas plastic ones may not last as long, but they will be gentler on your driveway.

Making Sure Your Driveway is Level

If your driveway isn’t levelled correctly, water can pool in certain areas and when the temperature drops below zero this water will freeze over. This will create a safety hazard and measures should be taken if your driveway is susceptible to standing water.

You can get driveway professionals to take a look at your driveway and recommend any levelling repairs that might be needed.

If you have any queries about your driveway, we can help. At MP Building & Groundworks we have many years of experience in the industry and are confident that we can answer your questions. Simply get in touch and we can see what we can do for you!