Although we are not all out of the woods yet, coronavirus restrictions in the U.K have eased and continue to do so. Coronavirus has had a significant impact upon many businesses and industries, including the construction sector.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have been keeping our industry in the know and helping the construction industry upon its roadmap to recovery, setting out a strategy to help the sector recover over the coming months.

At the beginning of the outbreak, back in March, many firms started to close as the lockdown beckoned. However, the construction industry when called upon, stepped up to the plate, building Nightingale Hospitals as the country saw a surge in coronavirus cases.

The industry continued as key workers, providing the country with their vital work. The CLC developed site operation procedures so the construction industry could return to full capacity safely, keeping construction operational.

The government provided support for the construction industry, including access to coronavirus testing, furlough and self-employed schemes. Site hours were also extended across the country to help reduce the spread of the virus and implement social distancing.

As of May 2020, three out of four construction sites had reopened. With many more well on their way!

The construction industry is looking positive and we are overjoyed. If you’re looking for a construction quote, why not contact us.