Building work including Grounds work in Gloucestershire Jargon 

It is sometimes easy for me to forget that the average member of the public does not understand some of the technical terms we use on a daily basis when discussing groundworks and foundations.

Here’s a simple ‘jargon buster’ explaining some of the more frequently used terms:

• Flagstone – any large, flat stone that can be used in paving or for patios
• Footings – the concrete foundations that walls are built upon
• Foul drainage – these are the underground pipes that carry waste water from baths, dishwashers, showers, sinks, toilets and washing machines
• Foundations – constructed beneath the ground, these are the load bearing parts of a building
• Ground worker – any tradesman who helps prepare the construction site of a building which can include clearing the site, digging and laying foundations and installing the drainage system
• Hard base – this is a temporary floor used to take the delivery of site materials
• Hardcore – a mixture of small stones, broken bricks or other rubble used as a filling in the foundations
• Soakaway – a purpose built hole designed so that surface water will drain away into it
• Spoil – waste material created during excavations 
• Subsidence – occurs when the ground shrinks
• Subsoil – this is the layer of soil below the topsoil which will typically contain much less organic matter
• Trench – a ditch dug to allow laying of pipework, cabling or foundations

Forgive me if that all seems a little too simplistic, but I do find these terms often need clarification for clients.