Commercial Groundworks

Commercial Groundworks

The term groundworks describes the work done to prepare the sub-surfaces to allow construction work to begin.

Groundworks will usually include:

Ground Investigation

This establishes the previous uses of the land, its stability and identifies any potential problems or hazards. A thorough assessment of the ground conditions and data collected will allow for an effective design process.

Site Clearance

The site will need to be cleared and topsoil taken up so that the footprint of the new building can be established. If necessary the site may need to be levelled and retaining walls constructed.

Substructure and Ground Stabilisation

The substructure is everything below the lowest floor of the new structure and includes the foundations and damp proof membrane. Ground stabilisation is principally the building of retaining walls but can also include other methods such as the use of soil nails and ground anchors.


Site services can include temporary or permanent drainage and the connection of utilities such as gas, electric and water supplies.


This is the landscaping of the area around the building once completed, including any surfacing such as tarmacking or paving.

We have been dealing with groundworks for commercial projects in Gloucestershire since 2006 and have encountered and overcome many problem sites. If you are looking for a reliable service from an expert team then contact us to discuss exactly what you need.

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