MP Building & Groundworks have been laying block paving professionally since 2006 and have dealt with a number of commercial situations in that time. Block or brick paving is an attractive method of providing a pavement or hard standing area. It has the advantage over other surfaces, such as tarmac, in that individual blocks can be lifted to allow maintenance or repairs to, for example, drains to be carried out easily and without leaving any marks or unsightly areas.

Block paving has many commercial uses such as driveways, hard standing and parking areas, roadways, walkways, and pavements. There is a choice of finishes that blocks can be laid in. Most popular is probably the herringbone pattern. Other styles include stretcher bond and basket weave.

 A striking aesthetic

Block paving is a paving material that is versatile, and so can be used to create any kind of design or pattern you might want to choose. If you are after a modern, clean, and neat aesthetic – or would perhaps like something a bit more traditional and elaborate – block paving is the material that is right for you.

Driveways, courtyards, and patios can benefit from the luxurious visual appeal that block paving brings, with a countless number of colours and designs available here. When it is installed by an expert set of professionals, block paving can truly bring out the best in your home.

Whether you would like a subtle border path around the surrounding garden or a centrepiece of paving to welcome guests into your home, block paving is the way to go!

Low maintenance

Tending to your outdoor space or garden can also be incredibly time consuming, which is why block paving is so vitally useful for those of us who want an attractive, functional, and easy exterior. The versatility of block paving means that when it comes to maintenance it can be both durable and hard-wearing, so other than your yearly clean with soap and hot water, your maintenance schedule will be exceptionally easy to handle.

Should the individual blocks become damaged for any potential reason, it’s simply a matter here of replacing the block with a fresh one. It is an easy and quick process that does not interfere with the rest of you the paved area, so you can have peace of mind that your paving will remain as aesthetically pleasing and complete as it was when first installed.


Sometimes we need to have a fresh look at the function and aesthetic of our homes. Block paving can open up a variety of opportunities around your property throughout the year. For example, need a sun lounging area for your south facing outdoor space? A block-paved seating area arrangement can potentially give you all the functionality and space that you desire.

The porous nature of the block paving makes it ideal for use around water features, swimming pools and even ponds. It is an easy-to-install material that can form the backbone of the property exterior, and for this reason we truly stand by our block paving. From driveways to patios to steps, block paving is here to help you create an outdoor space that is perfectly suitable for you and just about any function or activity you have.

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