Building driveways in Gloucestershire

If you are, then I bet you will have a series of questions you want answered. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

What materials and finish do I want?
The traditional material is block paving but you may want to consider resin bound paving as it has a more contemporary look and is cost-effective. Natural stone is attractive but also more expensive.
There are traditional patterns for bricks or blocks, such as herring bone. Bear in mind that more intricate patterns can be achieved, including circles and rectangles, but they will be more expensive as they take longer to lay.

How is the ground prepared for a driveway?
Preparing the ground is probably the most important stage of laying a driveway. Beware companies who lay cheap block paving without a substantial sub-base. Although the driveway will initially look fine, it runs the risk of subsidence within a short while.

I’ve heard of SuDS compliant, but what does it mean?
SuDS stands for sustainable urban drainage system. A SuDS compliant surface will allow the water to drain through to the natural ground or be directed into a soakaway.

How many cars will I be able to fit on it?
A professional firm such as ourselves will offer advice on this and the optimal layout for the driveway.

Do I need planning permission?
Quite possibly. Large projects will usually need to be signed off by the local authority before they can be begun. If you are creating a new vehicle access point for your property, then a dropped kerb will be required and this will probably need planning permission. We can advise you and deal with the planning process for you if you wish.

If you are in Gloucestershire, we will be happy to discuss your driveway requirements and answer any more questions you may have. Please give us a call on 01452 380887.