I believe that more and more homeowners are looking for a touch of style to make their driveways unique and visually appealing. It is one of the first things someone coming to your home will see, so it makes sense for it to be striking and attractive.

Here are four ways to make your driveway stand out:

1. Kerbs & Edging. These days companies supply kerb and edging stones in a variety of different materials including concrete, sandstone and limestone. Not only that but there are numerous colours and patterns to choose from. The upshot is that you can easily utilise these options to design an attractive and colourful driveway.
2. Lighting. Lighting is being used increasingly on driveways. Not only is it attractive but it also adds an extra degree of security. Whilst solar lights are popular, as they can be easily installed, they do not provide the same illumination levels as wired lighting.
3. Patterned paving. Many suppliers now offer slabs, flags and pavers in a number of eye-catching patterns.
4. Add plants. Low maintenance shrubs and grasses add a visually stunning look to your driveway. You have the option of pots or having them grow directly out from the gravel. Depending on the plants you choose, you can enhance the aesthetic look or increase privacy and security.

Whatever you choose, you should use an expert to ensure your driveway is laid professionally. Give me a call today on 01452 380887 and we can discuss your options.