With awareness of global warming and damage to the environment being at an all time high, the building industry has been looking at alternative, greener ways of construction. Here we take a look at 4 eco-friendly paving solutions.

Asphalt and concrete has been used in the industry for many years, and has served us well, but it’s not the most eco-friendly material to use in construction.  The production, transportation and installation of concrete all contribute to the continuing damage to the planet, and so anything we can do to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide and damage to wildlife in what we produce, will all help.

Here’s 4 eco-friendly paving solutions that reduce the production of new asphalt and concrete:

  1. Open concrete Grids
  2. Recycled asphalt and concrete
  3. Porous paving slabs
  4. Permeable pavers

Eco-friendly paving solutions #1

Open Concrete Grids

OK, so the main component is still concrete, however, by pouring the concrete into a ‘grid’ system, we use much less concrete overall, thus reducing at least some of the carbon dioxide production.  The open grid system allows for erosion protection and drainage whilst still being durable and long lasting.  The structure of the concrete grids are still robust enough to handle heavy traffic load.

These pre-made concrete grids are laid down next to each other.  They are manufactured in squares which have 4 holes in them that are large enough for water to drain through them and for grass to grow in the holes.

The holes can be filled with soil, gravel or other drainage friendly aggregate.

Eco-friendly paving solutions #2

Recycled asphalt and concrete

Recycled material is always better for the environment than producing new.  Although recycled asphalt and concrete don’t offer up the benefits of sustainability of the environment, it does reduce the production of new environmentally hazardous materials.  Existing asphalt and concrete is effectively dug up, recycled and mixed with other, more eco-friendly materials and relaid.

Eco-friendly paving solutions #3

Porous paving

Porous asphalt and concrete can provide excellent drainage.  They don’t erode the environment either, both of which are eco-friendly benefits.  Porous paving is durable enough to handle traffic load and porous enough to allow water to drain through freely.  There is also a recycled version of this material on the market, which has even greater environmentally friendly credentials.

Eco-friendly paving solutions #4

Permeable pavers

This type of paving uses no asphalt or concrete.  They are manufactured from recycled plastic, which is extremely durable but can still cope with heavy traffic load.  Another benefit is that they use much less equipment and production time than asphalt and concrete.

The main benefit of these type of permeable pavers is that they can be filled with gravel, soil or grass to provide a much greener, healthier, sustainable driveway.

They are porous, cost effective, durable, easily installed and virtually maintenance free too!

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